Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Haytham Moshi

Haytham Moshi

Haytham Moshi is the founder and CEO of ATS Building Products, with more than two decades of experience in the timber and building industry. Haytham Moshi established ATS in 2003 and expanded the distribution network across Australia. Today, ATS has five warehouses in the country.
As a passionate entrepreneur, he established and currently controls multiple companies internationally.
Haytham Moshi has gained tremendous experience and knowledge through the leadership of his successful companies.
Currently, Haytham Moshi focuses on the long-term business relationships of ATS with its suppliers and customers and delivers successful end results.

Aaron Martello

Aaron Martello is the National Sales & Marketing Manager of ATS Building Products. He has great exposure to the building materials industry and carries the experience of initiating several local, national, and international campaigns. Aaron has proven expertise in negotiation, management, account management, customer service, marketing and sales.


Anthony Wu

Anthony Wu is the financial controller of ATS Building Products. He has more than 15 years of experience in various areas, including budgeting and forecasting, general finance, taxation, accounting, commercial laws, and much more. Anthony also has greater exposure to various operational activities and roles, including leadership, project management, business process improvements, risk management, and strategic planning.

Tom Dacayo

Tom Dacayo is the National Inventory and Purchasing Manager of ATS Building Products. He has been with ATS for the last nine years and has extensive experience in the timber industry. He also has nearly 22 years of experience in business accounting.

At ATS Building Products, Tom ensures the constant supply of stock at the country level by adhering to all the regulations, including the guidelines for buying and selling PEFC and FSC products. He also takes care of the supply chain frameworks and policies, including the Chain of Custody (CoC) standards.